Boyce Avenue – Ride the Wave: The Punchiest Folk Pop You’ll Hear This Year

When a song has the capacity to uplift you yet at the same time tempts a tear from your eye, you know you’ve just stumbled across an absolute gem. Usually we feature up and coming artists, but God damn, Boyce Avenue has already arrived with their multiple viral hits. And it really is no surprise given the vocalists charismatically natural command.

Boyce Avenue are so much more than your average Pop outfit, each track that they’ve put out this year has an infectiously anthemic summer-soaked vibe that won’t fail to leave you hyped. The tracks may have had the archetypal Pop polish, yet the soundscapes still carry plenty of Soul, emotion and pure ethereal power to move you. Their latest single Ride the Wave is definitely no exception to this rule. I’m almost a little perplexed at how the Florida based Pop act won me over before the first verse even ran through.

You can check out the official video to Ride the Wave which was released on July 8th now – I’d catch the crux of the wave quick before yet another of Boyce Avenue’s hits goes viral.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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