Boston’s West Tavarro feels like its time to leave on ‘Love is My Closure’ (feat. Teevio)

Taken off his 10-track album ‘Impressions‘, West Tavarro sends us into a whirlpool of emotions with his nostalgic new single all about moving onto new pastures with ‘Love is My Closure(feat. Teevio).

Kevin West aka West Tavarro is an 18-years-old Boston, USA-based indie pop/rap solo artist who shows us his likeable enthusiasm with a top performance here.

He uses the creativity of music to tell stories of heartbreak and tragedy, and uses his imagination to create pump up songs about partying and having a good time.” ~ West Tavarro

Impressing us with a real gem that will trigger so many emotions, West Tavarro is on peak form with a sumptuous single that is packed with juicy melodies – that might have you sinking your teeth into this really special song – that has you thinking deeply about the way forward in your romantic life.

Love is My Closure(feat. Teevio) from Boston, USA-based indie pop/rap solo artist West Tavarro is a catchy single that gets your ears shaking in excitement. This is the story that takes you back to that time when you knew that it was time to end things, as you look for a fresh start with someone who you know is that perfect match for your soul to match with. Sung with fresh air filled with poise and calm, this is a marvellous single that will put you in a dreamy mood.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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