Boorook – Your Name I Call: Indigenous Aboriginal Electronic

Uprising self-produced artist Boorook is presenting quite a unique song here. “Your name I Call” is a chain of hypnotic beats featuring vocals that I wasn’t expecting. I mean the track’s artwork should have given me an idea, as we see the artist wearing traditional indigenous Aboriginal gear but I wasn’t ready for this. This is an interesting piece of artistry.

The type of vocals on “Your Name I Call” is quite a surprise, as it’s not the first vocal style I would expect this Future Garage-type of beat to wear. The vocal delivery has a standard pattern throughout the whole song, and that’s what it should be. Almost no transitions take place during the song, only a standard singing and a beat stays the same throughout the whole track with a few pauses in between. The lack of further action is far from negative, as the electronic nature of the music contradicts the world-music vocals, it’s intriguing as it is.

This is definitely a song to play on your headphones when walking in the woods at night.

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Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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