Bomethius – Sweet Nothings: Hauntingly Artful Indie Baroque Pop

Sweet Nothings by Bomethius

“Sweet Nothings” is the latest single to be released by Dallas-based independent artist Bomethius (Jonathan Hodges) who hasn’t been afraid to play with layers of artful expressive melancholy in a soundscape which is ethereally creeping enough to make David Lynch himself want to prick up his ears.

The short and bitterly sweet single which was released on July 14th is uniquely disconcerting through the effervescent nature of the Baroque Pop soundscape. There’s plenty of tracks already out there on the airwaves for people who are looking for easily accessible catharsis and comfort.

Sweet Nothings is a siren call to aural mediocrity, an invitation for fans of pensive wit to unravel the resonance found in the haunting tonality of this single.

You can check out the latest single from Bomethius by heading over to Bandcamp where Sweet Nothings is available to stream and download.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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