Bobby Swayze – Goblin: Rap for The Soul

Bobby Swayze isn’t your usual Hip Hop Rapper from Chicago putting out the same sounds that have been replicated to death since the golden age of Rap. His latest track, expertly produced by FiyahSounds is a futuristic demonstration of his feverish flow that transgresses the boundaries of Hip Hop to incorporate the dulcet sounds of Trap, the warmth of Jazz creating a track which is pure Soul.

Bobby Swayze is more of a spoken word artist than a rapper, Bobby Swayze has perfected the art of narrative in his latest track Goblin which he puts up against his rounded and lucid beats. His rhymes are the perfect outlet for the artists loss of direction in life, in 2017 his Hip Hop career began as he shared evocative emotions that are painfully relatable.

His latest track proves that the Hip Hop genre still has a lot to offer, if you’re a fan of Lil Wayne, J Cole, and Jay Z, you’re bound to love the contemporary beats that make this track bounce.

Check out his latest track Goblin via SoundCloud using the link below:

Head on over to his website for more details of upcoming releases:

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