Bob DiGiacomo Blends Jazz & Rock With ‘I Dare You’

The genres of jazz and rock have had an often difficult relationship over the years, rock fans seeing the blending of the two as an unnecessary complicating of their preferred music and jazz fans seeing the move into the rock format as a dumbing down of the intricacies and scope of their musical world. Well, thank the Gods of Music for artists such as Bob DiGiacomo! Whilst understanding the needs and nuances of both sides of the argument, he deftly blends the potency and muscle of rock with the introspection and sonic intricacy of jazz.

But more than that he blends in a soulfulness, groove and accessibility which proves that music is always more than the sum of its parts, the result is music which is both big…and clever! If anyone is the heir to the sadly vacant throne of the golden age of Steely Dan, it could very well be Bob DiGiacomo.

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