Bluebyrd’s Poignant And Powerful Message To The World

Poignant music is normally born of turbulent times and it seems that more and more artists are using their creative platforms to make some vital messages heard rather than the subjects they may have explored in less worrying times. It also says something about the tipping point we are reaching that in the last few months this raft of discontented, worried, angry voices seems to be gathering momentum.

Uneven Ground is a hauntingly beautiful slice of modern acoustic folk, and in the way that folk music has always done raises issues, here regarding refugees, specifically those fleeing the Syrian crisis and of their struggle to find a new life. It also raises questions, maybe not directly, but points to the hypocrisy of their treatment at the hands of the same people and powers who have funded and indeed carried out the attacks which have displaced them.

Musically it is powerful for its starkness, a voice, a rhythmic guitar and some sullen sonic detail and you have everything you need to hammer the point home. All we need to do now is support them via songs such as this so that those voices get heard.

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