A&R Factory Present: Bless These Sounds Under The City

This Charlotte, NC duo is prepping for the release of their follow to their self-titled debut. This Indie-electro pop song is the lead single to a new direction evident on the next album, “On The Brink Of Life”.

While they continue to explore their acoustic singer-songwriter vibe they have also expanded to include more electronics, more soul, and even a dash of hip hop. These guys make music like they listen to it and have created an album that feels like a personalized playlist for people into different genres. Yet it manages to stay cohesive as one piece of art.

Recorded at the famed Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA with Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, Michael Stipe) and mastered by Joe Lambert (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, and The Revenant Soundtrack).

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