Blame Me: Steaming London rapper Synsy heats up the airwaves with anime visuals for ‘MAYDAY!’ (prod. Jon Cass)

Representing trashgang and powering in with a highly unique sound that shows much intent, Synsy turns the lights to red with the emotion-filled new single which thunderously hits the speakers in the sweet spot called ‘MAYDAY!(prod. Jon Cass).

Synsy is a creative London, England-based indie rapper. With anime from Katsugeki Touken Tanbu, this is a heavy track that morphs together to show us his reckless thoughts, which are totally understandable in this odd world.

Defined by the underground, Synsy seamlessly combines elements from the darkest sub-genres of hip hop, punk and drum n bass creating an industrial wasteland of pure aggression.” ~ Synsy

With a full-paced vocal armory at his disposal which shreds through like a sharp sword on fragile butter, this is a mic-destroying track that shows us what its like to live in modern day London as we speak. The beat is more-than-thumping and there are no breaks to have a spot of tea in between – as we are tumbled into a tremendously vein-popping track – which has you looking around rather anxiously and also a tad suspiciously.

MAYDAY!(prod. Jon Cass) from the riveting London, England-based indie drum n bass/rap-fueled act Synsy, shows us an artistically talented artist who sends us a real message of velocity here. This is the story of having one of those days you would rather forget, as you are crashing hard and feeling like some undesirable people are out to get you. The bass is full of heat-stacked pace and the video is rather cleverly made, as we are thrown into a world which will shock your nerves back into action rather quickly.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about his underground life via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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