Bitvert – Nervous Wreckage: World-Ending Bass Electronica

I have no doubt that people who lived their wild teen years during the 90s will have a chord stricken by this song. People whose spiritual development was influenced (if not advanced) by the DIY ethos, Trainspotting, The Matrix, and transgressional fiction.

Bitvert a London-based electronic music producer who could not choose a more fitting title for his song called “Nervous Wreckage”. Even though I could be a proper chatterbox about what’s going on music-wise I believe that many listeners would agree that the most captivating thing here is the vocals. They vividly remind me of Underworld and of Iggy Pop. They just have this feel to them, that the person behind the mic is completely aware that these might be his very last sentences. And he is saying what he has to say calmly with no pretentious fluctuations of false grandiose.

This is an electronica / minimal electro / bass-driven orgy, enticing for thought, enticing for dancing, enticing for getting lost in it.

Oh, the artwork describes the music so accurately, as the music describes the artwork.

Listen here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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