‘Bird’ is a touching self-shot video from William Rouached

French singer-songwriter William Rouached returns with the fine new single ‘Bird‘.

William challenged himself to take a single shot everyday during a couple of months in order to practice his video skills and create this beautiful video using his BlackBerry KeyOne phone . The results are very impressive, as you can see that this was made with love as the video shots were taken around France and Germany.

When making this song ‘Bird’, William felt that these shots depicted particularly well with the emotions he was trying to convey through the song. I agree with this as the video is beautifully made with care and to show the stunning towns too.

This is a lovely song full of heart by William Rouached on ‘Bird‘. He has flown in with a song of pure art.

Stream here for this fine new song on YouTube.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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