Billy Boguard – Evergreen Scars: Sorrowfully Dynamic Minor-Chord Pop

Opening up with a cinematic minor-chord piano part before Boguard’s deep, baleful vocal, ‘Evergreen Scars’ is a beautiful, confessional song of grief and loss. Honest, heartfelt, and soulful, Boguard’s vocal tells a story of pain and longing, the full instrumentation dropping in around the minute mark for the unforgettable chorus.

Reminiscent of Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’, with elements of Lewis Capaldi or maybe a male-vocal Lana Del Rey, ‘Evergreen Scars’ tells of two souls destined from the beginning to destroy each other, writ deep with heartbreak and regret, and the inevitable aftermath, healing, and lessons learned, all over a sorrowful track full of power, dynamic, and presence.

Evergreen Scars official release date was November 27th, you can check it out now via Spotify.

Check out Billy Boguard via his website, or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

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