Bicircular – World Full of Nothing: Depeche Mode Fan’s Won’t Want to Miss This New Hit

Black Celebration 2018 by Bicircular

Bicircular are perhaps the most poignantly talented Depeche Mode cover collective on the planet. The New Wave, Electropop aficionados hail from Copenhagen, Denmark, yet the waves of euphoria behind their debut release World Full of Nothing is reaching international shores. Whilst their stance on Electronica is an ode to Depeche Mode, they create one of the most uniquely styled arrangements through their compositions. The band is made up of seven female artists all looking to put their make on the Depeche Mode classics, 30 years after their original, to breathe more life into the tracks, and prove that women aren’t as good as men in the field of New Wave, they are better, the female lead vocals are as chillingly haunting as they come, they invoke plaintive emotion from start to the sweet finish of this hit.

In the run up to Bicirculars release of World Full of Nothing check out an exclusive preview to their debut track here:

To hear more of their tracks, head on over to Bicirculars website where you can listen to their album ‘Black Celebration’ featuring Breana Marin for free!

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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