Between Rock And An Art Place

I’m not saying that London’s Fabian Jack have created a new genre altogether, it’s just that they don’t easily fit into any one style…. or for that matter time period or generic template. They skirt around many different rock and indie pastures and familiar components are clearly seen in the musical make-up but it is how they fit it all together that creates their unique sound. Rock urges may lie at the core of Ticking Bombs but there is a new wave angularity that keeps it from running into any clichés, indie melodicism allows a certain amount of accessibility but there is also a pent up emotion and slight awkwardness creating a wonderful unresolved tension.

Maybe this is what happens when you approach rock music from a different angle, a lateral thinking exercise in soundscaping, one that results in a wonderful warped clash of 90’s college rock and 80’s post-punkery, alt-rock muscle and art school indie intrigue, one that re-invents those vibes for a modern audience, one that doesn’t make it too easy on the listener but that becomes more beguiling and more interesting with every play. Rock music with depth…who’d have thought it?

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