Bethany Eve – Silver: Angelic Flute-Driven Ethereal

People that are into J. R. R. Tolkien literature and fantasy games, people that are in love with the sound of the flute or actively seeking inner peace by wandering around in the woods and the meadows, this is your jam.

Bethany Eve comes from Wiltshire of South West England. She is a singer-songwriter and flutist. Primarily she is human being that has been blessed with a voice for which the best position that I can think of, would be the head singer in the angelic choir.

She recently released an EP comprised of three songs called “Silver”.”Silver” is also the opening track. The song just opens with Bethany unwinding her ethereal voice. This is more than singing; this is a mesmerizing, hypnotic broadcast of tenderness. The sound of the flute is the chariot of her vocal calling. To where she is off, I do not know; it might be the council of fairies or something far beyond this pedestrian world.

This is truly enchanting. It is recommended to play this after dark or even better, out in the countryside.

Listen to “Silver” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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