Berlin’s Raluca brought depth to dance-pop in her latest single, Could I

In the Berlin-based singer-songwriter Raluca’s latest single, Could I, nothing is black and white; melancholy melds with euphoria in the zeal of the orchestrally scored EDM pop progressions.

As the lyricism tackles the vulnerability that comes hand in hand with affection, the 80s and 90s-inspired beats veer through the unpredictable Avant-Garde hooks. It isn’t your average earworm, but with the depth of the lyricism paralleling the intensity of the experimentalism, Could I isn’t a dance hit that is easily forgotten.

Vocally, Raluca made no attempt to hide behind pop archetypes. Instead, she confidently ran with her own distinctively electrifying vocal lines that make Could I. Even at this early stage in her career, Raluca is proving to be one to watch.

Could I is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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