Bennet Stephens – Heartbeat: Rhythmically Fresh R&B Pop

While many urban artists create romantically inclined tracks, very few of those tracks resonate with the same level of sincerity as found within up and coming artist Bennet Stephens recent single “Heartbeat”. Instead of running with self-aggrandization and ego, the lyrics to Heartbeat are some of the most honest we’ve heard in a long time.

Along with ensuring his lyricism could never be described as typical, the beat behind the sun-soaked single also brings something completely new to the R&B Pop genre. With chord progressions which would be just as at home in a track from the 1975 there’s a captivating level of authenticity behind the track which also carries elements of Afro Beats and Reggae. With the mention of those two genres, you know you’re in for a good-vibe hit from Heartbeat.

You can check out Bennet Stephens single Heartbeat out for yourselves now by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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