Ben Teeney – Rock Bottom: Infectiously Adrenalized Alt-Rock Angst

I really wish the show the X-Factor didn’t exist, because now it feels tawdry to describe artists such as Ben Teeney as being in possession in the allusive X-Factor. Yet, there’s no other way to allude to the vice-like grip contained in their latest single “Rock Bottom” which will make sure that you’re well and truly immersed in the expressive, honest mix.

Ben Teeney hasn’t polished his emotions to make sure that they’re easily digestible. The angst and disparity are palpable within each evolution in the progressively atmospheric mix which is a minefield of instrumental hooks pulling you into the infectiously adrenalized choruses.

If you needed any more reason to check out Ben Teeney, his debut single was a diss on Donald Trump with “Love Trumps Hate”. Which is much more than your average Punk hit with the ingeniously intellectual lyrics which allows you to vent the frustration that a man so obnoxious still holds any place in politics.

All in all, Ben Teeney is exactly the type of artist we need more of on the airwaves right now, and you definitely shouldn’t hang around in checking out their inventive artful tracks.

You can check out Ben Teeney’s latest single Rock Bottom for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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