Bela V scorched through the pop veil with the soulful inferno in her sophomore single, Wait Game

When Bela V penned her sophomore single, Wait Game, she didn’t just write a fierce pop hit, she scribed her illustrious legacy through a calligraphy of sheer intensity and fervour.

By splicing soul with the insurgent energy of pop punk, the singer-songwriter became a defiant renegade in the pop scene and settled a stark milestone in her creative career which exhibits her talents as an actress and siren songstress.

Wait Game mirrors her eclectic influences – Lana Del Rey’s haunting nostalgia, Amy Winehouse’s raw emotional depth, and Avril Lavigne’s defiant pop punk ferocity; each formative element serves to amplify the emotional magnitude of the next, exhibiting Bela V as an alchemist of originated vivacity. From soulful verses that could rival any classic soul legend to a chorus that bursts with a punkish roar, the track is a bold declaration of her artistic finesse.

The production of the track deserves as much acclaim as the vocals; polished yet edgy, it supports Bela V’s transitions from smooth, seductive tones to hell-hath-no-fury outbursts with seamless precision. This sonic landscape does more than just back her voice; it heightens the emotional gravity of her lyrics, plunging the listener into a whirlwind of passion and defiance.

As Bela V ends her own wait game and steps back into the spotlight, she brings with her a song that promises to ignite the airwaves and cement her status as a pop icon in the making.

Wait Game was officially released on June 14; stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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