Tiny Ghosts discovered that it was equal to nothing in the end with the honest release, ‘LoveLove’

Recorded with Jeff Fettig at The Creamery and produced at Strange Weather in Williamsburg with Daniel Schlett, Tiny Ghosts get that racquet strung up and show us into those choices you face when you sense that it’s actually always going to be ‘LoveLove‘.

Tiny Ghosts is a fresh indie-pop duo who are led by Peruvian indigenous singer Dayan Marquina and veteran hardcore-metal songwriter Eric Morgan who fuse together so perfectly just like best friends do.

Heartbreak sometimes happens in slow motion with a back-and-forth trying to put the other at serve. Thinking over this fruitless, hollow banter gave me the idea to turn to a tennis metaphor — a sport I played growing up in Peru before moving to the States as a teenager.” ~ Dayan from Tiny Ghosts

Easing us into a narrative about a preference that we have to make in life when your lover is not really there mentally, Tiny Ghosts are quite superb on a dreamy single that will grab your attention and never let go. They show us their close bond and they almost telepathically combine to give us a really catchy ear-sizzler that is totally authentic in nature.

LoveLove‘ from the indie-pop duo Tiny Ghosts, is a blank, void, lost and forgotten love story that is so relatable to so many out there. It takes two to tango and if one party isn’t feeling it, the double fault is very clear to feel in your whole soul. Blessing us with sensually-classy vocals and an electric attachment to truly immerse ourselves into, this new project is one that we can definitely get used to.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more of their tennis-infused journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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