Behind Me Now: Ronnie White has a clear mind and is moving to better times on ‘Empty Castle’

After bravely leaving her darker days behind her for good, to smartly immerse into a brighter exciting retro vibe that suits her perfectly, Ronnie White is absolutely stupendous on her latest single called ‘Empty Castle‘.

Ronnie White is a terrific London-based electronic producer and indie singer-songwriter, who has been on the scene for almost ten years and has worked on a variety of intriguing projects. She now makes that new neon attitude type of music that shows you her growth and the way forward for the new spark in her music.

This is the story that feel like you have been into before, as someone she loved wants back in but she has slammed them out for good as they are bad news. She is feeling enthralled her new road and loves the sound, it feels right and this is what she is going to do.

After being stabbed in the back too many times, you feel her strength and self-awareness in her powerfully alluring voice as she smiles to herself calmly — and dusts off the past — to bring in the exciting future.

Empty Castle‘ from London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter/producer Ronnie White, leads us into the world of a redemption story from the darkness, as she has courageously reinvented herself when staying stagnate could of taken place. She sounds refueled and invigorated, ready for the next step as she heads toward the path of enlightenment that is far away from the demons that used to pull her hair back and keep her locked in.

Ronnie White found the key and is keeping it close to her chest, never to let anyone bring her down to their level again.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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