Beetyl releases their pensively powerful Alt Rock hit “I’m Sorry, I Miss You”

“I’m Sorry, I Miss You” is the latest single to be released by up and coming Brooklyn-based Alt Rock artist Beetyl.

As you can probably gather by the track’s title, it’s a lovelorn hit. But what you probably won’t be able to anticipate is the absolute synergy which is found between the atmospheric acoustic and electronic instrumentals.

Beetyl’s latest single finds the perfect middle ground between Post Punk Indie and contemporary Hip Hop while keeping the melancholic vocals well and truly in the Trap arena. It may only run through for just under 90 seconds, but it still packs a potent hit of pensive emotion. Not even someone as aurally jaded as myself could make it to the outro dry-eyed.

Now, I can’t wait to hear what Beetyl can do with a full-length track. There may be plenty of artists playing with Rock and Hip Hop soundscapes, but the guitars in I’m Sorry, I Miss You were beyond transfixing.

You can check out Beetyl’s single I’m Sorry, I Miss You for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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