Bed Made Out Of Leaves: Thelia finds that loving escape with the special soul on ‘Treehouse’

As she sweetly gazes at that lucky human who makes her beam so brightly like a shooting star each time she looks in their direction, Thelia lives in the moment and holds onto them close so that they may live in peaceful harmony with only delicious kisses and body warmth needed on ‘Treehouse‘.

Thelia is a highly creative indie-pop solo singer-songwriter and poet who is based in the buzzing lights of New Orleans, Louisiana and was born in a small cosy town in Minnesota.

This song is about flashing back to the moments of pure bliss when you’re just slow dancing in your living room (or any room for that matter) with the person that you love.” ~ Thelia

Sometimes you hear an artist once and fall deeply in love with their rare genuineness and heart-healing vocals. Thelia is that and more, as she kindly brings us a tremendously passionate single that has you thinking of the one who you truly care about, as you wish you could both just escape into the jungle and be together forever.

Treehouse‘ from the nature-loving and free-spirited New Orleans, Louisiana-based indie-pop artist and poet Thelia, is such a romantic single that you will be lighting up the candles next to the bubble-soaked bath to this real gem. Featuring succulently alluring vocals that are classy and loving – the whole melodic soundscape puts you in a dreamy mood – and with a cheeky smile you feel is purifying your delighted soul.

Life should be about being happy in beautiful nature, after all, not stuck in a city block looking at walls with no soul.

Hear this splendid new single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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