Bears in Hazenmore – In Your Head: Emotionally Empyreal Alt Rock

The Ambient Indie 5-piece powerhouse collective have just superseded themselves with their latest single In Your Head from their latest album Atlas. It’s poppy, it’s punchy, it’s everything that decent Indie used to be before synthesisers took over and ruined everything. Their guitar-driven stylised approach to Alt-Rock brought back waves of nostalgia from my mis-spent youth listening to the Calling & Maroon Five. Yet it’s safe to say, instrumentally Bears in Hazenmore surpass the more polished Pop Rock as they keep plenty of texture in their organic sound. I mean, even the name is fabulous, after hearing In Your Head, I can assume the Regina, Canada based beautiful cohort Bears in Hazenmore can do no wrong. It takes quite a bit for an Indie Alt Rock band to win me over these days, but Bears in Hazenmore have won the grand prize with their instrumentally priceless orchestrations of pensive yet uplifting sounds.

You can check out the stunning aesthetics of the music video alongside the resounding track In Your Head by Bears in Hazenmore on YouTube.

Stay up to date with the bands latest releases and news, they’re currently on tour across America with their latest album Atlas, I can imagine the sound of their blissfully angular guitars against angelically soulful would make for quite the live experience.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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