Be your own trendsetter: Riah Dawn shows such grace on sipping ‘The Tea’ of self-love and possibilities

Riah Dawn flourishes like a shining star that dispels all self-doubt away like a true angel does, on the breathtaking single ‘The Tea‘.

Boston, Massachusetts-born multi-talented R&B/Soul singer-songwriter, violinist, cellist, drummer and pianist Riah Dawn, makes that rare real music about her life growing up as an adopted child, finding her identity and figuring out what she really is passionate about. After this recent self-discovery, she has decided that speaking about her story and fusing her poetry into art, is the best way to inspire others to love themselves and to follow their hopes and passions to the fullest. This is indeed a role model musician to appreciate and to listen to her intently.

We are let into this fascinating R&B-fused story by a singer with a truly stunning voice, who has learnt that you need to work with what you are given in life and to not worry about what you don’t have. You are a special person inside and out, with so much value and the future possibilities are endless, if you love that person in the mirror, while being self-aware and staying open-minded.

The Tea‘ from the soulful multi-skilled Boston native Riah Dawn, is the type of song you feel compelled to listen to again and again, as she has such a pure voice that helps you to unwrapped any self-doubt and throw it away. Opening yourself up to new and exciting possibilities is the only way to truly grow and to follow those goals and dreams you have deep inside you. This is the type of artist that shows you where the key is, as she has been there and knows what it feels like.

Unlocking that happy side of you is possible, if you believe in yourself enough and want to walk through into the sunlight.

Hear this wonderful song on her Spotify and learn more about the lovable Riah on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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