Be Prepared to be Sobered by Jared Micéal’s Latest Captivating by Ballad

Well, Jared Micéal is an artist that certainly isn’t afraid to pour out his heart and soul down the microphone. From his single Born to Love You, you can expect an offering of raw, pained, beautifully romantic emotion that makes every other artist on the radio waves seem superficial.

His soberly captivating ballads seem to have a habit of sending spears of piercing emotion through your chest as you come to appreciate the level of talent paired with the amount of passion which is has gone into the production of this track. The acoustic instrumentals provide the perfect amount of resonance which proves that Jared isn’t only vocally stunning. The up and coming artist’s talents carry through to his command of the fretboard with his rhythmically technical riffs, breakdowns and unpredictable chord progressions.

You can check out Jared Micéal’s track from his latest EP ‘One of These Days’ on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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