Be Careful Who You Love: Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project knows that Mama was right on ‘What can a poor boy do?’

With a thought to the past and a painful wonder as to why school wasn’t taken more seriously before as you dig through the dirty change in your pocket, Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project know that the dead end job is all that you can do for now on ‘What can a poor boy do?‘.

Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project is an indie rock act based in Gahanna, Ohio. Lead by lead singer Chuck, this is an honest music experience all about putting out true stories that most of us can relate to.

Songwriter Chuck Gillispie started the “Torn Rhythms Project” in 2017 when he teamed up with long time band mate Tom Hale (Keyboards) and on May 25th of that year “Cry” was released. In late 2019 Chuck and Tom started writing and recording remotely, Chuck in Ohio and Tom in Virginia and with the addition of Mark Sammons on Guitar, Bass and vocals,
Edward Young on Guitars, Adam Grossman Drums & Jeff Speeks Drums.” ~ Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project

Made with a few young teens roaming the darkly-lit skate park, the gloomy visuals here completely matches the track and has your mind in a total spin. Either you have been in this moment or seen it from far, as you try and search for more than has been provided from circumstance.

This is a soulful track that has been performed with gritty vocals and experienced guitar work of the highest order, the story has you in the mood to look up the sky and wish for a shining star to guide to you to a better place than this. Being careful about who you love has added importance now – as the finances are razor tight – so you need someone who truly gets it and is willing to build a fruitful team with you.

What can a poor boy do?‘ from Chuck Gillispie Torn Rhythms Project, is the broke story about surviving and doing what you must to live. The job definitely doesn’t pay enough but you will do what you must – to stay alive and find that true purpose which is out there – this is a track to make you ponder your own existence in this rather odd world.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more stories on the FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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