The Banisters – Weary Pilgrim: A Sound That Would Leave Jim Jones Shaking.

Weary Pilgrim starts with a preserved introduction that doesn’t allow you to anticipate what’s going to follow throughout the sweet duration of this Soul-full rock track.  Whack up the volume and indulge in the Old School funk of The Zombies and the contemporary shine of The Black Keys. As you’d expect from a band of this genre they graciously indulge you in on point guitar styling with bone rattling riffs and chord progression so heavy that your head will spin.

Even after I’d listened to the track ten times I couldn’t get over the monstrous instrumental arrangements. When Weary Pilgrim crashed to its ending I was quite literally left with Goosebumps. The Banisters are a 5-piece cohort from Austin, Texas, the true home to soulful American Rock.

The vocalist invokes some sweet lyrical nostalgia as he reals through his devil dancing lyrics to create that ultimate American Rock sound. It’s hard to believe they’ve been around since 2015 and still linger on the underground scene when they can orchestrate such a nostalgic contemporary sound!

Check out the official YouTube video to Weary Pilgrim via the link below:

Head on over to The Banisters website for more info on these lusciously talented creatures music:

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