Badness Qu££n – Coming Hard: The Hedonistic Hip Hop Artist You Never Knew You Needed in Your Playlists

Coming Hard is the latest track by Badness Qu££n; the Hip Hop Rap artist that really doesn’t hold back in her tracks. Her bars are set up through her sultry whispers of seductive lyricism which pretty much act as a warning to the rest of the Hip Hop artists on the underground that she isn’t to be messed with. Coming Hard is a structured anthem of sensuality around with her playful sensibility.

The beat is as up-vibe as it gets, the eclectic mix of effects creates an electric cacophony of rattling, snaring, thrashing beats that keeps the bounce steady. Coming Hard isn’t just another mindless anthem about getting laid, what Badass Qu££n has created is the ultimate anthem to celebrate female sexuality in a positive way. London based artist Badness Qu££n may just be one of the best Feminists on the Rap scene to date.

You can check out Badness Qu££n’s new single Coming Hard which was released in April 2018 on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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