Bad James – Amano Tomato: A Rhythmically Intricate Alt 90’s Rock Revival

Some tracks are just sexy, aren’t they? There’s just something about the twanging of the soaring Rock guitars and the gravelly grinding of the bass lines around the impounding drum rolls. Turns out, Bad James are the perfect example of the seductively raucous sound. The Dallas Texas based Rock band have just released their latest single Amano Tomato following the success from their previous releases ‘And The Glitter Heroine’ & ‘Soft Place’. The Riot Grrrl in me was absolutely in heaven listening to Bad James female vocalists own her sultry vocal power over the punchy and angular harmonies set by the instrumentals. The breakdowns and riffs bring Bad James biting instrumental sound somewhere in between Rage Against the Machine and Sonic Youth.

Bad James took a prodigal approach to their sound, which makes them pretty incomparable to ever other act on the scene to date. But, if you’re a fan of Sonic Youth, Dream Wife, Liines, or Daddy Issues you will absolutely adore Bad James Alt 90’s approach to American Garage Rock.

You can check out Bad James’ latest single Amano Tomato on Spotify now and stick the single on your Riot Grrrl playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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