Baby Tap – True Love: Ominously Salacious Alt-Pop

Baby Tap’s latest single “True Love” is one of the most perplexing tracks I’ve potentially ever heard, and with a music video which is just as bizarre as the soundscape, putting the idiosyncratic sound into words really isn’t an enviable task.

Kicking off with some truly ominous reverb-soaked baritone throat reverberations, the track progresses into Alt EDM Trap Pop which would definitely go down well in Berlin. As you get to the chorus, it’s pretty evident that Baby Tap was keen to orchestrate a hit which would never allow you to feel comfortable, instead, you thrash through the various caustic EDM evolutions of the track. Expect plenty of eccentric, colourful, and salacious experimentalism to be thrown into True Love which may be the weirdest earworm which has been ever implanted in my mind.

For the full effect of True Love, you’re definitely going to catch the video which is up on YouTube for your pleasure and disconcertment.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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