B7ayre Tells The Truth

The term urban music is, like pretty much every journalistic label, too general, too vague, too broad to be of any real use when it comes to discussing music and Bahamian artist B7ayre is the perfect example of why. Yes, most of his references come from music that can be described as contemporary and urban but, as always it is the way that you put those building blocks together, what you can fashion from the raw materials, that makes all the difference. And unlike many artists following the paths beaten by others through familiar territory, he takes his own direction.

Cannot Lie mixes cool and slow burning hip-hop beats with sassy R&B grooves and a confident rapped vocal delivery and whilst the ingredients are easy to see the flavour that results from the mix is totally unique. It somehow matches uptown clubland chill out sophistication with sun drenched beach vibes, the cool of the late night after party with the warmth of the day time party tune. Not only the best of both worlds but music for all seasons.

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