B-Guy Griffin – Wonderful: The Ultimate Feel Good Hit of the Summer

B-Guy Griffin teamed up with Kaeleigh Aguello to create his latest Hip Hop wonder ‘Wonderful’. The track flows like poetry thanks to the perfectly metered rhyming structure of the Rap bars which are laid down through B-Guy Griffin’s melodically resonant vocal offerings. Yet, it has to be said that Kaeleigh Aguello almost stole the show with her deep, empowering vocals which contrast against his sweet and pensive rhythmic flow.  As Hip Hop collaborations go, you can’t possibly ask for more synergy between two artists. I could break down the beat and the style of vocals but that would never tell you about the lucidly cathartic effect of B-Guy Griffin’s latest single. A lot of urban artists try their hand at ‘feel good music’, but it flows from B-Guy Griffin naturally. His lyrics are as raw as they are inventive. There are all too many tracks on the soundwaves reminding us of the disparity in the world or providing some self-aggrandized account of intoxication. But tracks like ‘Wonderful’ have the power to move you and instil gratitude within you. Now THAT’S how you make a feel good track.

You can check out B-Guy Griffin’s track ft. Kaeleigh Aguello on YouTube now. Wonder was the title track from the 2018 album which dropped in June 2018. To download the album head on over to Reverb Nation to stream and download.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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