A&R Factory Present: Ayelle

Ayelle is a London based singer/songwriter of Swedish & Iranian origin who has been putting songs on paper ever since she first learned how to write at the age of 6.  She draws inspiration from her own life experiences as well as those around her, often incorporating feminist elements in her lyrics which challenge the status quo and make people think twice.

Growing up in Sweden and Spain she was exposed to a range of different influences, but while living in London she has developed a taste for a distinctive sound that can be recognized as RnB with electronic influences inspired by artists such as Banks and Kelela.

Ayelle released her Debut E.P. “What You Made” in late November 2014 consisting of three intimate songs with atmospheric, down-tempo beats produced by Nova Hall and The HeavyTrackerz.

Her latest EP ‘Machine’ takes things a step further; Ayelle describes it as an exploration of the intersections between electro-pop and r&b.

A lot of it is about tackling, or simply acknowledging, insecurities and struggling with internalised misogyny. ‘Machine’ works as a metaphor for those internalised behaviours and the unconscious state that we’re in when we let them go unnoticed” she elaborates.

“Back Again is a song for anyone who’s ever dated an emotionally unavailable man who only really wants you once you don’t want him back anymore.”


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