AYE FIB – “My LIFESTYLE” MVMIX Finally Found Its Groove


AYE FIB’s new album is all shades of awesomeness. The songs in the album are perfectly placed in the archive of Hip-hop and Rnb genre. The album, however, just like most other hip-hop songs have many explicit languages that are used in it but it’s got quite a lot of nice songs in it. I personally love “Vroom” and “Issa Wrap” tracks.

It a rare thing to see hip-hop artist switch to a different style of rapping in their album and AYE LIB nice demonstration made it look like it’s not really a nut that’s so hard to crack.

From its Inception, the first song on the album “Laz Gang” was mired in dissonance, it started off sparingly, and the sound was meagerly pitched and represented. Although after some few minutes, the song got back to its fine tune. The subsequent songs are well laced if you somewhat was able to love the first song then you’ll surely fall in love with rest of the songs.

There’s a sense of purposefulness in this album, it’s got a ferocious and uptight lead off song although there are some minutes of poor sound issues and vocal clarity experienced.

“Animal” on its own is a gripping, enthralling and a beautifully laid song which has a consistent sound behind its plethora of high-pitch cameos. There’s a stylistic ink that binds everything together in the song “Vroom”.

Most of the songs in this album are ostensibly well pitched; the beats are like the normal rap hip hop beats that’s well mastered and smooth. Virtually everything comes with an array of super high vocal that can coherently cause a ripple effect in the mind of its listeners.

The album track list includes: Laz Gang, Issa Wrap, I told em, I’m back, Vroom, Hittin my line, Animal, Either way, Make it rain, and the last but not the least; Rollin.

This album has in stock a good collection of nice and frenzy hip hop/rap songs that will interest you. Be sure to check them out here


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