Avery Son – KevinParker: A Debut of Celestially Soothing Ambient Soul Pop

“KevinParker” is the debut single from up and coming Soul Pop artist Avery Son; if you’re looking for a jazzy, lowkey, ambiently soothing new release to vibe out to, there’s probably no better option.

The intricate melodies from the keys drench the single in a celestial tonality and allow you to fully appreciate the polished production behind the single. While the vocals definitely succeeded in adding layers of harmony into the mix in KevinParker, it was still easy to feel that they slipped into the reverb just a little too much for you to truly get the full hit of the vocals and the lyrics. There’s no disputing Avery Son’s talent when it comes to pitch-perfection, but I’d love to hear more conviction and delivery behind the soundscape. But all things considered, KevinParker was an exceptional debut which definitely won’t fail in getting noticed.

You can check out Avery Son’s latest single KevinParker for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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