Ava Earl; Folk’s Sonorously Soulful New Contender

Not another Folk Singer Songwriter I hear you say, but Ava Earl’s latest single Quiet Eyes says so much more.

From the very first notes her stylised expression hits you, to drive home that her style is anything but typical from what you’ve heard from up and coming Folk Singer Songwriters this year. The complexity within the rhythmic guitar picking doesn’t fail to stand testament to her command over the acoustic soundscapes and her ability to orchestrate a captivating masterpiece of a track.

Better still, a violin was thrown into the mix to create the perfect concordance within the track around the acoustic guitar and her sonorously soulful vocal ability.  Perhaps what I love the most about Ava Earl’s vocals is that there’s a tangible sense of fragility, but none of the naivety that comes with it. The level of maturity in her vocals and style isn’t quite what you’d expect from a young up and coming Folk artist, but that is exactly what makes her style so refreshing.

Quiet Eyes is just one of the singles from Ava’s album ‘Am I Me Yet?’ which is available to pre order through her website,  pending the release on July 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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