Autumn Reverie raise the standard with new electrically-charged eleven-track EP ‘Twenty Twenty’

With a sensationally healthy outbreak of thunderous music for the soul, Autumn Reverie turn the temperature up on a cold year with the brilliant ‘Twenty Twenty‘.

Autumn Reverie are a fiery five-piece Post Grunge band from Madison, Wisconsin in the USA, who have a sound that is born from that pure love of making that timeless rock music which stands the test of time throughout all generations.

With particular highlights being headline track ‘Stalemate‘, ‘Cast Away‘ and ‘Buried‘, they warm up your willing ears with that special kind of flourishing soundscape, that has you somehow happy, sad and reflective at the same time.

Their signature heavy sound breaks the windows and does a great job of annoying those pesky neighbors with bad music taste, who you don’t like anyway.

Their melodic riffs are certainly as good-if not better than advertised-and you feel their pulsating passion on each EP-worthy track. With zero fillers, they have managed to put together a collection of excellent songs that lifts the roof off and powers into your mind with gut-wrenching vocals, that has the hairs on your back standing up to impressive attention.

New eleven-track EP ‘Twenty Twenty‘ from Wisconsin grunge rockers Autumn Reverie, is that tremendous thump at your perspective, that lets you into their galvanizing world of high octane music. They tear through the boundaries with a release that shakes the hinges off the doors and lets you know that real music with meaning is still out there.

Stream this epic release on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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