Australia’s Gordon Holland sings for the colder months on ‘I’m Looking Forward To Winter’

Gordon Holland is back with the soulful ‘I’m Looking Forward To Winter‘ and this is such a gem to the tired ears.

Australian singer-songwriter Gordon Holland has been making waves all over the Melbourne’s music scene and is on top form here. Following his relocation from Perth and bringing with him his musical partner, the pair formed The Naysayers in 2010 and soon took their garage rock to live stages around Australia.

While still writing and working within The Naysayers, Gordon found himself on a solo path which saw him merging his musical creativity into waters that had previously been uncharted. Soon after, he collaborated with fellow singer-songwriter Charlie Lane where the two constructed her successful The Darkest Time.

Following on from such successes, Gordon has been sailing the seas between his Takamine acoustic and Fender Jaguar in a way that enables his music to flow through lyrics that are confessional and nostalgic yet humorous and wistful.

I’m Looking Forward To Winter‘ from Gordon Holland is an ode to the colder months where you can cuddle with your loved one. You smile when you think of all the hot chocolate and blankets. Perhaps your cat is close by and you can watch movies together and hide away for a while. All you want to do is snuggle close and get away from the world. The soft singer-songwriter vibes are so pleasant and I love the true stories here. This is a quality track for 2020.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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