Australian underground pop royalty Kid in the Cloud floats through time and space on ‘Cool Kids’

Scouring through the lost and fragmented memories that have somehow been erased, Kid in the Cloud gains our respect with one of the grooviest songs of 2022 so far with the sunglasses-filled ‘Cool Kids‘.

Kid in the Cloud is a Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop act that seems to make hits on all of their elegantly-created singles.

Existing in a capitalist dystopia, making music that reflects the mental state of its inhabitants.” ~ Kid in the Cloud

Transmitted with an eye to the sky as all the doom and gloom on earth encourages us all to look up rather than down, Kid in the Cloud are proudly Australian and show why this country has one of the best music scenes around. There is so much quality gushing from every corner to galvanize your mood, into one that has found that energy again to lift off no matter what was holding you back before.

Cool Kids‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop outfit Kid in the Cloud, is a truly explore-loaded track that has you strapping on that mental space suit and beaming yourself into those recollections that have somehow disappeared from your ever-learning memory. Gaining that knowledge that will help you find peace and contentment, is the only mission that will ever truly be important in this life that can confuse you like an evil maze.

Hear this really terrific single on Spotify and see more of their travels vis on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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