Australian Singer-Songwriter BRIDGE Releases New Single ‘Charlie’

We’ve got another dynamite track here, all prepared and pimped to leave you levitating in its awesomeness.

An Australian born singer-songwriter BRIDGE has recently released her newest single ‘Charlie’, an alternative pop track, featuring elements of driving drum beats, haunting harmonies, and an endearing lyrical charm.

BRIDGE’s new song will definitely sweep you off your feet just immediately you get to hear that sweet sensational vocal of hers – – a vocal which can literally lit up the sky and paint it with stars.

I wasn’t so sure of what to expect when I first laid my hands on this song. I sailed away with that uncommon trait of several forms of connoted indifference; this was literally smooched up all over my face, but all that reclusiveness disappeared when I hit the ‘Press Play’ button.

BRIDGE originally wrote the song ‘Charlie’ with just a guitar, on a rainy day in a small German town. However, from the outset, her end vision was to have a much bigger sound – with driving drum beats, intricate harmonies and interesting synth sounds – much like her musical influences of James Taylor, Tom Odell and young Australian talent Meg Mac.

You’ll definitely be awestruck by this meticulously glittering gem of a song.

An alternative pop song just couldn’t have been pitched any more better than this.. The singer has this awakening peace that revolves around her aura. Great vocals, great musical beat, well detailed clear message and of course an matched bliss which emanates from the violin strings. BRIDGE offers a catalogue of songs that present a delicate balance between relatable lyricism and electronic samples, with striking harmonies throughout.

This is undoubtedly a music that deserves a fine spot in you music library. Get on to know more about this incredible music and the resonating soothing voice behind the song by hitting the link below to listen to this amazing piece from BRIDGE.

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