Australian singer Em George rises above all on masterful ”Wolves” EP

Em George is a soulful singer-songwriter from beautiful Sydney and became interested in songwriting after discovering the sounds of Stevie Nicks, Lou Reed, The Beatles and Leonard Cohen. She is here with her latest EP called ”Wolves” and this hits the highest of heights.

This is the sophomore EP from Em George after her self-tilted release from 2016 and this is like floating in a happy dream. Em’s vocals are so stunning as she effortlessly dazzles on this new EP.

Australia’s Em George reminisces about her recently passed grandmother on ”Fight” as she was such an important influence on her life. This is all about believing in your inner self and accepting who you are and never giving up despite the odds. This song has such an indie american-folk vibe to it and is puts you in a mellow zone.

Wolves” has a bouncy start to it as we are taken on a journey with with the powerful lyrics and earthy melodies. Em’s powerful voice is on full display here as she lays it on all the line.

Light Comes In” is probably my favorite song off the new EP. I like how Em George is so honest lyrically and I want to hear and understand every word coming about of her mouth. This is about bringing that light back into your soul and replenish your heart.

America” is such a road trip song it’s uncanny. I imagine listening to this while starting out the window of a train while travelling far. There is a more somber mood here as we get lots on the daydream from Em’s sumptuous vocals.

Open Road’‘ is a terrific way to end off the EP as it’s more acoustic and dreamy. This is all about just going for it and moving from that same dusty town. Is it worthwhile or should you move to fresh views?

Sydney’s Em George is in top form on this dreamy indie folk masterclass. I love how controlled her voice is and you can feel her magnificent songwriting is just getting better and better. She is one to watch and ”Wolves” EP is a fantastic release in 2020 as our souls need desperate healing.

Stream this incredible talent here on her Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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