AUS10’s – Who Really: A Rapid-Fire Hip Hop Drop

Off the heels of his debut 2017 album “Where It Started” up and coming Hip Hop Rap artist AUS10 has dropped yet another stellar production with his latest single “Who Really”. Whilst the delivery of his bars could only be described as relentlessly commanding, the beat behind the track is an entirely different story. The subtle Hip Hop mix is kept light, melodic and almost transient and acts as the perfect platform for AUS10 to lay down his rapid fire lyrics on. Whilst it may have been a little hard to comfortably keep up with the lyrics to the track, his vocal style added plenty of energy to Who Really to ensure that after you’ve heard it, you won’t forget about his unapologetically authoritative style.

You can check out AUS10’s latest single Who Really by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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