Aulvir – Comprehension: Hauntingly Minimalistic Electronica

If you like your music as ambiently blissful as possible, you may want to contemplate tuning into Aulvir’s latest offering of catharsis with his latest single Comprehension. I’ll be honest, I got two minutes into the 7-minute track and I felt the urgent hot prickle of tears forming as I was swamped by the reminiscence to acts such as Hartheim and Sigur Ros. The hauntingly ethereal vocal offerings that rounded Comprehension off as the perfect concordant melody translated as piercingly pensive poetry. The deftly fluid command of electronic sound which Aulvir demonstrates through his soundscapes is enough to leave the most pretentious of audiophiles in awe as he revels in ambient complexity creating a prodigal offering of minimalistic electronica.

Each one of Aulvir’s compositions offer lucid waves of pure aural indulgence, never allowing your attention to slip away. The spaces in between the sound are as just as tantalising as the quiescent echoes of the melancholically grounding reverberation and distortion of the beats.

If you feel like slipping away from the world for just a little while, you can check out Aulvir’s latest single which dropped May 2018 on SoundCloud now. Prepare for seven whole minutes of cathartic bliss.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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