Attempts of interpretation: 8udDha bl0od’s new mind-bending song 1122;fU7UR33ck035 22.33:

8udDha bl0od have released a new mind-bending piece, an alternative and instrumental rock ballad titled something like 1122;fU7UR33ck035 22.33:. If you read through the title, you’ll be able to extract the words “future rock” – and I wonder if it is an omen about what their music will become?


There’s never an explicit answer with 8udDha bl0od but only attempts of interpretation that their style aims to trigger. Set around a dualism of acoustic guitar chords creating a memorable dissonance and middle-frequencied electric guitar melodies following through, you get dragged into another confusing mental journey, giving into a flow of consciousness where your reflections slip away too easily to be grasped.

This is how 8udDha bl0od does things, and if you go back and listen to more of their material, that sensation of travelling, and somehow exploring the undefined, will probably always be present.

It’s time you thoroughly check out 8udDha bl0od, starting with this one on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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