Atlanta rapper Jay Activist refuses to let anyone switch his path on ‘Trippin’

Taken off his new 7-track release called ‘Warm Nights, Vol 2‘, Jay Activist feels like he just needs to keep extra busy so that he doesn’t get distracted into any places that will steal his shine away on, ‘Trippin‘.

Jay Activist is an underground Southside, Atlanta, USA-based indie Hip hop artist who has always had the mindset of upping his game after growing his skillset on the open mic scene.

Throughout high school is when he shifted his focus to more versatile, melodic style of music.” ~ Jay Activist

Seducing us with a cruisy style that gets you in the mood to ride with that love you can’t stop thinking about, Jay Activist reminds us of our purpose and keeps it real as he swims away from the past while floating into waters than are only soulful and only features those new beginnings that shall set you free.

First appeared dropping EP’s under previous names on Spinrilla and Soundcloud back in 2017.” ~ Jay Activist

Trippin‘ from Southside, Atlanta, USA-based indie Hip hop artist Jay Activist, is a dust-off-the-rubble single about reacting properly to whatever challenges may find you in this strange apocalyptic time. With a rap and sing combo that has us feeling like he will never reverse his intentions no matter what happens, this is the kind of track that brings you into a better state of mind. Worrying about small things that don’t actually matter only frowns your mood like an angry thunderstorm, while being free and doing things you love in the sunshine, is the journey to being totally mentally content.

Crank up the volume on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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