Ashley Singh – Can’t Look At Me: Dungarees with a Cumber-band!

All great song writers carry you with them, and keep you riveted to their story right through to the very last note. ’Can’t Look At Me’ succeeds in making sure you stay along for the ride.

Ashley Singh’s’ relaxed, flawless vocal tells a honest story of remorse and the need for redemption. It is beautiful in its simplicity and haunting lyrically. It’s uncomfortable because it is a relatable tale. We all have moments, mistakes, and mishaps that we would happily erase by magic if it were at all possible but, listening to Ashley’s melodious method of transport through his own personal experience,  we are plunged into the warm, healing baths of his catharsis. His journey quickly becomes ours and its hard to know where one begins and the other ends.

Like dungarees with a silk cumber-band, this relaxed guitar led track is complimented by some deceptively well orchestrated strings and some seriously classy production and mastering. Still waters really do run deep with this talented singer-songwriter but, with such an outstanding release in January, we can expect Ashley Singh to make some huge waves in 2020.

Listen to ‘Can’t Look At Me’ on Spotify. We think you’ll love it!

Review by Susan Harriott

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