Artist 8udDha bl0od has dropped single 2:3

Yet another release from the unique talents from 8udDha bl0od himself, bringing in his upbeat instrumentation and his mellow vocals in his single ‘2:3’.

Starting off with the soft strum on the guitar, giving of this calming and rather uplifting essence as you listen, keeping the guitar at a soft pace and fairly low in volume as it plays alongside the vocals, the instrumentation is simple in terms of there is not a lot of instruments actually used, but the overall style of the guitar solos goes perfectly with the song.

He always has some pretty special vocal ranges, in each track they sometimes take a different approach in terms of pitch and overall tone but through this one they’re kept quite eerie and gravelly, really having that tone come from the back of the throat, giving it that more rough edge as they begin to sing.

Another fantastic piece by 8udDha bl0od always keeping his own sound shining through, be sure to keep up to date as he drops tracks pretty often!

Check out 8udDha bl0od 2:3 by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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