Art of Algebra – Mask my Movement: Downtempo Electronica

When you sit down to listen to a track by an artist called “Art of Algebra” you’re hardly expecting him to be a gospel musician. No, you’re a reasonable person, you’re expecting something in the IDM/electronica realm, and that is indeed what you’re going to get.

“Mask my Movement” is a pretty standard 4/4 beat composition, all dressed up in some beautiful, exquisite loops. I would bet that this track was made during after-hours, as this is the time when I can picture myself enjoying this song the most. It features some random vocal samples that if I’m not terribly mistaken are Japanese phrases.

It’s the kind of tune that you’re craving to listen to when driving in the middle of the night; you can’t help but get hooked on this delicate sound that sounds like furniture being slightly moved, a very mild squeak, but illustrated in a warm way. This is, to me, the track’s chorus.

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Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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