Arlanna Snow – Love and Let Go: Country Pop to Contend With Contemporary Times

Haven’t heard a decent Country Pop Ballad for a while? Yeah neither had I until I had the upmost pleasure of listening to Arlanna Snow’s latest track Love and Let go featuring Haley Maxine. The Boston based singer songwriter headed over to Nashville to record her latest hit, that stands as testament to how powerfully enigmatic this Country Indie Pop singer is. She drafted in the help of some sickeningly talented instrumentalists to create the sound behind her anthemic hit. The soar of the guitar against her strong yet feminine vocals is a resounding sound that makes you insatiable for more of her organic sound. Her blend of Country, Pop and Rock is like nothing I’ve ever heard before, Arlanna Snow could well just be the artist to bring Country Pop into the contemporary arena.

You can check out Love and Let Go on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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